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Carpet Cleaning BournemouthEasyclean are professional carpet cleaners with vast experience in cleaning all types of flooring, rugs and carpets. We provide domestic carpet cleaning for customers within the Bournemouth area and provide excellent standards of service, leaving your carpets clean, fresh and full of new appeal.

Get in touch with our highly skilled cleaners and let us make your home amazing. We guarantee you’ll be over the moon with our professional carpet cleaning service and love the look and the smell of your freshly cleaned carpets.

Why choose us as your carpet cleaner company?

We use up to date technology and go on regular training courses so that we can provide the best carpet cleaning service to you, ensuring your carpets and rugs are brought back to life. We promise to thoroughly clean your carpets using materials that are safe for you, friendly to your home, and kinder to the environment. Working hard to make you happy, we will clean all the carpets in your house to superior standards and can work on a room by-room basis if you prefer.

Easyclean’s carpet cleaning experts are fully qualified in all aspects of carpet construction, understand all of the different materials and how each should be cleaned, avoiding such things as shrinkage, colour fade and how to treat high traffic foot areas and can bring the life back to your carpets.

The benefits of getting your carpets professionally cleaned

  • It extends your carpets lifespan –As they are made of fibres, carpets absorb dirt, dust and grime. Every time you step on your carpet you are grinding in dirt into these fibres which will dull and darken the colour, and can eventually erode leading to permanent damage.
  • Can help clear out dust mite infestations – Dust mites are so small that the human eye can not detect these however, they take residence in our carpets, curtains, pillows and mattresses. Easyclean have the necessary equipment to provide a professional carpet clean which will significantly reduce the number of dust mites in your home.
  • Freshen up your carpet – Dirty carpets can start to give off an unpleasant and embarrassing odour. This can be caused by bug droppings, mildew and fungi. If you own a pet, this can cause dead skin, urine and territorial markings onto your carpet,

Regardless of how often you vacuum your carpet and prompt cleaning up of spillages, most industry experts agree that a professional carpet cleaning should be carried out annually. You may need  this service more frequently if you wear outdoor shoes inside, have pets, have young children or if someone on the premises has an allergy.

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With our years of experiences of cleaning carpets, mattresses and sofas, we will get yours looking like new! If you have never or it’s been a long time since you’ve had professional carpet cleaning, it’s probably the right time to call us now on 07469 250807‬ or fill in our online form.

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